plasmapo : plasmid-to-map-o

Two columns are required for features: type and name. Currently, promoter (p), cds (c), fusion (f), terminator (t), block (b) or spacer (s) features are supported. Features can be repeated any number of times Features are drawn by input order.

Colour can be only specified for cds (c), block (b) and spacer (s) features in a 3rd column. 1 - 10 numbers map to different colours.

1-White, 2-Cyan, 3-Green, 4-Yellow, 5-Grey, 6-Red, 7-Blue, 8-Orange, 9-Purple, 10-Green2

To retrieve vector graphics, just print to PDF through your browser after the plasmid map is rendered.

MIT license - Bernardo Pollak - bpollakw[at]gmail[dot]com.